Sunday, April 18, 2010

Use of Print Screen for some Fun

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You know the use of Print screen button on the keyboard.
It captures the screen , right ?

But now I will tell you how to use it for some fun .

Take screen shot of the desktop by pressing 
Print Screen on the desktop .
Go to Paint and paste this . Save it .

For Windows XP users

1. On the desktop right click ----->; 
arrange icons by ---->; 
De-select 'Show Desktop Icons '.

2. Now right click the task bar and select properties .

3. Check auto hide the task bar. Click OK.

4. Now change your wallpaper and 
keep the one you saved earlier.

5. If paint is not closed, 
select File ---------> 'Set as background (Centered) '.

Now on the desktop even if you click any icon nothing will happen !!!

Now do I need to tell you how you can use it for fun on someone Else's PC ?

To revert back to normally change the wallpaper and select 'show desktop icons' on the right click menu .


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